Gaming's greatest Fatties

Bo' Rai Cho
From: The Mortal Kombat series
Weighs as much as: 600 pitchers of vomit.

Bo’ knows Kombat. It’s hard not to like this jolly drunken fatbody. Like many of our other hefties, Bo-Bo’s jelly-belly is incorporated into his fighting style, a la a pregnant swan dive, and he’s certainly not above farting.True to fatty fashion, his signature is the dreaded Puke Puddle, which is exactly what it sounds like. Compulsive feasting and bulimia? That’s two eating disorders for the price of one!

Fattest Achievement:
At the end of MK: Armageddon, Bo Rai Cho is made a god, putting himself in league with other blimpy deities, such as Buddha, Ganesha and latter-day Elvis.

From: The State of Emergency series
Weighs as much as: Two fatties with a fat machine

This rotund revolutionary is leading the charge against the oppressive "Corporation" by inciting riots anywhere he can. When not provoking general anarchy, Spanky wisely offers up his immense surplus of skin as tattoo real estate.

Fattest Achievement:
The girthy gangster parlayed his charisma into, not one, but two cover art appearances. A massive point of pride for any fatty.

From: Heavenly Sword
Weighs as much as: A Best Buy full of unsold PS3s

To his father, King Bohan, Roach may be a slow-witted, genetic abomination. But to us, he’s lovable Tons O’ Fun. Additionally, he washes his thorax with a rag on a stick!

Fattest Achievement:
Through the latest motion-capture technology, Developer Ninja theory proved to the world that the Playstation 3 could replicate fatties even more convincingly than Eddie Murphy.

From: The Street Fighter series
Weighs as much as: A Hundred Handfuls of Cheddar cheese Combos

Street Fighter’s resident salad dodger has chosen a body type and he’s sticking to it.Just look at him then and now, almost two decades later:

He hasn’t slimmed a day!

Fattest Achievement:
Appearing in a bazillion games, his mission has reportedly been to promote and uphold the proud sumo tradition. But this win screen from Street Fighter: The Movie tells of a far different, fatter, priority.