GamesRadar's Anti-awards 2006

We've been told time and time again, Wii is about gameplay, not graphics. Fine, we get it. No one's looking down on Twilight Princess because of its GameCube-caliber visuals. Even so, the Wii is supposed to be more powerful than the 'Cube by a fair margin. If you were to look at Wii's launch lineup, however, you'd swear we were trapped in 2002. What's the deal? Metroid Prime is over four years old but looks better than any Wii game out there (except maybe Zelda and Rayman).

So, to everyone out there involved with Wii development: get your act together. We're not graphics whores, but you could at least attempt to make the games look like they're not PlayStation 2 ports. Far Cry Vengeance, Marvel Ultimate Allianceand Splinter Cell: Double Agent are three appalling examples. We have to assume all those terrible kiddie games fared just as poorly.Honestly, what's the problem? You're working with tech that's just a step up from kits you've had since 2001. There's absolutely no reason why Wii games can't look like Resident Evil 4 or better. Cramming craponto a Wii discfor a launch is one thing, but from here on out, you're all on notice.