GamesRadar's Anti-awards 2006

Winner: Dead Rising
Capcom | Xbox 360

See that asslobsterwearing the orange vest and toting a piece? Eff him. Eff him in the teeth. That's Kent the photographer, and for some players, his mocking challenges were all the reason they needed to stop playing an otherwise awesome game.

Kent shows up toward the beginning of Dead Rising, and he's way too happy about being trapped in a mall with thousands of undead cannibals. Worse, he's an arrogant prick who laughs in your face and makes you take pictures of him trying to look cool, which turns out to be a lot more difficult and time-consuming than it sounds.

His aggressive schtick might not be so bad if you only had to sit through it once, but because of the game's structure - which asks players to replay the same three days, over and over again, until they're skilled enough to do it right - you'll have to put up with his shit repeatedly. The worst part is that he's tough enough to back up his arrogance, so when you inevitably get fed up and shoot him - as we did repeatedly - he'll just come over and slap you down hard.

Yeah, you'll get him back for it eventually. But you'll just have to take his crap again on the next play-through, so it's small comfort.

Collateral Damage: Yakuza
Sega | PS2

This Japanese crime story was cool and all, but really, who wants to sit through a long damn loading screen every single time someone challenges you to a fight? We don't know if all the breaks in the action contributed to Yakuza tanking in the US, but they couldn't have helped.