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GamesRadar's Anti-awards 2006

Late last year we brought you thePlatinum Chalice awards.It was a celebration about everything that made gaming too damn cool in 2006. But the sad consequence of having two system launches and more than five actively supported consoles and handhelds on top of that was... a glut. A glut of awesome games, to be sure, but also a glut of utter shit.

So we sat down andthought about the year behind us, specifically everything that pissed us off. Things that we wish companies would give up on. The obvious. The not-so-obvious. Then we crushed it all up into a ball, created a lovely trophy in the image of one of the worst handheld platforms ever -the Gizmondo- and stomped up and down on it while explaining, in careful detail, each and every screw-up these money-hungry bastards visited on the gaming populace in the last year. Enjoy.