GamesRadar's Anti-awards 2006

Winner: From Russia With Love
EA Games |PSP

With love? More like contempt. Never mind that From Russia With Love turned one of the slower, more realistic Bond films into a campy, gadget-filled mess; what we take issue with is that the PSP version stripped out around a third of the content from the PS2 edition, doubled the price and called it a day.

Oh sure, it tacked on a few "challenge" missions and multiplayer jetpack battles, but are those any substitute for driving an Aston Martin, piloting a boat or any of the other stuff that was apparently just too awesome to fit in a handheld game? Not when you're shelling out $40 for a port of a PS2 game that was only $20 at the time, they're not. There were weirder (and worse) PS2-to-PSP ports in 2006, but we're hard-pressed to think of one that was as unimaginatively half-assed as this.

Collateral Damage: The Godfather: Mob Wars
EA Games |PSP

Two full-scale Grand Theft Autos have appeared on the PSP, but somehow, the developers of The Godfather: Mob Wars felt they couldn't do free-roaming gameplay on Sony's handheld. So they yanked all the driving out of their GTA clone and turned it into a turn-based, RISK -style board game with long, unskippable cutscenes that started over if you put the system to sleep while they were running. Don Corleone himself would have wept.