Two days before launch and a week after its reveal, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League season 2 gets delayed

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
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Just days before launch, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League season 2 has been delayed all the way back to July 25.

"Update: Task Force X, we’ll be adjusting the release timing for the next season, #SuicideSquadGame Season 2 will now launch on July 25," the devs say on Twitter. "Thank you for your patience." No reason for the delay was given. The update had previously been scheduled to launch on July 11. The content of season 2 was only properly unveiled on July 3, offering a new playable character in Mrs. Freeze alongside two additional episodes, a new battle pass, and an array of other content. We haven't seen any footage of this content in action.

Suicide Squad launched to a tepid response earlier this year, and its post-launch updates have fared even worse. The season 1 content was maligned for its limited content offerings, and this season 2 rollout has not inspired much confidence that things are going to improve. But hey, time will tell - even as that time gets increasingly lengthy between seasons.

The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League roadmap was detailed before launch, promising four seasons of additional content. A Bloomberg report earlier this year noted that the game's struggles resulted in a $200 million loss for publisher Warner Bros, but it looks like the devs at Rocksteady are nonetheless fulfilling the promises of seasonal updates as best they can. But that report also suggests Rocksteady is already looking to return to its roots with a new single-player game.

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