Helldivers 2 players built an anti-bug defense system over a month ago, and thanks to a new Major Order now they have to destroy it

A line of enemy Terminids in Helldivers 2.
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

In a twist no one could've seen coming, Helldivers 2 players are now being charged with destroying the very Terminid Control System that they helped launch barely seven weeks ago.

Mid-March, a Helldivers 2 Major Order saw players tasked with activating the Terminid Control System, in a move that theoretically should've sealed the Terminids away for good. That operation went smoothly, and the bugs were somewhat caged, but now, just as players have been predicting for a good while now, a spanner has been thrown in the works.

Helldivers 2's current Major Order, which went live just today on April 29, now charges players with destroying the Terminid Control System. "Terminid outbreaks have erupted on all Barrier Planets. The bugs appear to be showing resistance to Termicide," the in-game Major Order text reads, revealing things aren't quite going as planned for Super Earth.

Players now need to head to Erata Prime, Fenrir 3, and Turing, and destroy the TCS on all three planets for 50 Medals. There's a brand-new mission type on all three planets through which Super Earth's troopers will turn off the TCS once and for all, which a nice bonus from developer Arrowhead, and takes the sting off players undoing their hard work step-by-step. At least we got new missions out of the deal. 

The previous Major Order just wrapped up earlier today, and it's bestowed the Airburst Rocket Launcher on Helldivers 2 players. It's come at a terrible cost, however, as an entire planet had to be effectively sacrificed in order to unlock the Stratagem weapon. It's fine, though - Super Earth's government has sent "potato baskets" to the families of the slaughtered.

A huge Helldivers 2 balance patch nerfed some of the shooter's most popular weapons, including the Quasar Canon.

Hirun Cryer

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