Hello Kitty Island Adventure is set to be my new favorite Nintendo Switch game, and it's basically Animal Crossing meets Sanrio

Hello Kitty Island Adventure screenshot showing Hello Kitty, a chibi-style cat character with white fur and a pink bow, smiling while waving
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The recent Nintendo Direct has blessed us with many an exciting reveal, including news of Hello Kitty Island Adventure's release next year on the Switch.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure first debuted on iOS last summer, leaving cozy game fans wondering whether the adorable title would ever launch on non-mobile platforms. During today's big Nintendo Direct showcase, developer Sunblink unveiled that the whimsical Animal Crossing-esque game is indeed on its way to the Nintendo Switch - and it'll drop on the portable console in 2025.

The wholesome adventure sees some of Sanrio's most beloved faces come to life including Cinnamoroll, Hello Kitty, and Kuromi. Alongside this cute crew, players work to restore an abandoned island - much like in New Horizons. There's crafting, decorating, exploring, shopping, and puzzles to solve galore in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, making it the perfect go-to game for us Animal Crossing aficionados.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure - Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch - YouTube Hello Kitty Island Adventure - Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch - YouTube
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Island Adventure is also frequently updated, with the most recent prominent patch, dubbed Cabins & Castles, introducing various cabin customization options, precious island visitors, quests, and more. Fans of timed events will be happy to hear that the game features many - meaning unique revolving rewards and themed goodies for hardened collectors.

As I wait for Nintendo to announce (literally any) news about New Horizons or its potential future successors, games like Animal Crossing keep me afloat and Hello Kitty Island Adventure seems to tick all of my boxes. Plus, it involves Cinnamoroll and Little Twin Stars - what more could I ask for as a Sanrio stan?

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