Starfield at 60FPS is finally a reality for Xbox Series X players thanks to a new Performance Mode in a huge update this month

Bethesda Softworks
(Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

Starfield is getting a Performance Mode with 60 frames per second for Xbox Series X players later this month as part of a huge update.

Bethesda just announced a big update would be coming to Starfield this month on May 15, complete with the developer diary-style video looking over the update below. As part of the update, a new Performance Mode will be available exclusively for Xbox Series X players, where they'll be able to finally play Starfield at 60FPS all the time.

Additionally, Starfield will have two Variable Refresh Rate settings for TVs that support it. You'll be able to set the RPG to play at either 40FPS or 60FPS in the VRR mode, which should go a long way to keeping Bethesda's massive RPG at a pretty stable frame rate for when you're in the thick of combat or trucking through outer space among other ships.

Elsewhere, there will also be quality of life updates for Starfield in the May update. For example, Bethesda previewed a new look at the game's inventory management system in the video above, showing that the entire thing will be easier to navigate. In short, you'll be able to get a better look at all the stuff you're carrying on you at once, which will surely be great news for veteran Bethesda RPG fans.

We just learned from Bethesda studio head Todd Howard that Starfield's first expansion is coming this fall, which puts it right around a year after the RPG first released. Howard said at the time that Bethesda was working on a "big update that's coming really soon," and the May update would appear to be the update that Howard was talking up.

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