Finally, a farming RPG where you can harvest a wolf like an ear of corn is coming to Nintendo Switch in November

A wolf being harvested in Farmagia.
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Today's Nintendo Direct was a big one – from the reveal of a brand new Zelda game to our first proper trailer for Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, there was something for everyone. However, one trailer I can't stop watching is for the upcoming farming RPG Farmagia, which looks like a weird but wonderful mashup of creature collectors like Pokemon and farm sims like Stardew Valley.

At first, the gameplay shown during the trailer made it look like a fairly standard farming game, albeit with some colorful creatures about – this is the realm of monsters, Felicidad, after all. That's until it was shown that you're not just planting any regular old crops, you're actually growing and harvesting the monsters themselves, which will burst to life when they're fully grown, like the wolf creature in the trailer which first appeared to be a wiggly, orange ear of corn. 

Farmagia – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch - YouTube Farmagia – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch - YouTube
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Once, uh, plucked, the monsters can be trained for battle and used to fight foes. What's more, you'll even be able to fuse all the creatures in your party into one merged monster of enormous proportions, which, as you'd expect, is particularly powerful in a fight. This will seemingly be key in fighting the RPG's big baddie, Magus – a foe who's taken control of the monster-filled underworld.

Farmagia certainly looks interesting, and the Direct also revealed its release date – it'll be coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS5 on November 1. I'm just curious to see how many monster crops are waiting for us – could we be getting any tiny tomato frog friends, or cucumber lizards, or perhaps even pumpkin hippos? For now, corn wolf is the star of the show, and I love them. 

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