Team Fortress 2 has announced just what it needs to win back players' favor after being ravaged by bots for months: A Funko Fusion crossover

Funko Fusion – Team Fortress 2 Steam Reveal Trailer - YouTube Funko Fusion – Team Fortress 2 Steam Reveal Trailer - YouTube
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Funko Fusion is getting Team Fortress 2 DLC ahead of its release later this year and boy oh boy are fans of Valve's beleaguered FPS unhappy about it.

I can't entirely blame them either. Team Fortress 2 has been absolutely ravaged by bots and its Steam rating has been in free fall for months, with recent reviews being 'Overwhelmingly Negative' for the first time in its 17-year run at the time of writing. Even one of the game's voice actors threw his support behind the players and said he'd "never seen" such passion from a community.

It would perhaps be ill-advised then, during a time of such unified dissatisfaction with Team Fortress 2, for Valve to collaborate with the folks behind the Funko Pop game instead of, y'know, fixing its own game. But that's exactly what it's doing, with a Funko Fusion DLC that'll let you "relive some of your favourite Team Fortress 2 moments" in the upcoming action game based on the collectible Funko Pop toys.

It's a mega-sized understatement to say the reaction to the Team Fortress 2 Funko Fusion DLC has not been very positive, with one response  summing up the general vibe pretty succinctly: "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"I feel like I'm being pranked," reads another response exemplifying the situation.

Another, longer response goes into a little more detail, lightly edited for clarity: "Man I sure wish valve would work on the game itself instead of making marketable plushie deals. I know it's just a license but this does not feel like the time for a fucking TF2 FUNKO pop DLC LMAO, especially when the community is planning to boycott, unless we see permanent change."

Regardless of the backlash, it is indeed my job to tell you what's inside this DLC, and thankfully for me, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot. All we really know from the Steam page and the YouTube trailer is that it adds The Scout, The Heavy, The Engineer, and The Medic to the game.

"Play through iconic worlds and mashup characters inspired by some of your favorite franchises in an action-adventure game with uniquely authentic, irreverent humor from the creative minds of 10:10 Games," reads the game's official synopsis. It launches on September 13 with the Team Fortress 2 DLC, which is exclusive to Steam, available as a free add-on.

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