Fallout 76's infamously rare masks get even harder to find as Bethesda adds a whole bunch more and the drop rate plummets to 0.238%

Fallout 76
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Fallout 76's very rare masks just got a lot harder for players to find, as Bethesda added a bunch more in an ongoing event in the MMO.

The Fasnacht event was pretty well-liked among Fallout 76 players, up until now. It basically revolves around completing an event that occurs on the hour, every hour, called the 'Fasnacht Parade Event,' where players are tasked to collect either items or monster guts from their surroundings for the Master of Ceremonies, a Mr Handy robot.

The latest version of the event is live right now until June 9, having kicked off last week on June 25. That's all well and good, but the problem is that Bethesda has introduced a lot more Fasnacht masks in 2024's iteration of the event, meaning players effectively have less of a chance to grab the rarer masks out their to proudly display on their characters.

Destructoid reports that there's merely a 0.238% chance of bagging the very best Fasnacht masks, including a glowing alien, devil, honey bee, minotaur, pig, robot, turkey, and unicorn mask. You can understand why the glowing Fasnacht masks are the most sought-after, since they're literally glowing and drawing attention to the Fallout 76 player at all times.

There's a 5% chance to be rewarded with a rare-tier mask in the Fasnacht event this year, just like every year. The trouble, players are reasoning, is that there's now more masks - you've now got a 0.238% chance to grab one of the rare masks because there's now 21 masks in the event, whereas the previous year there were 15 masks, giving you a 0.33% drop chance.

"Yeah this is something bull shit. They need to adjust drop rates. I think even 0.333 is unacceptable. I feel like it shouldn't go below 1%," writes one comment under a now-deleted Reddit post. "At least make the event more frequent if drops are gonna be this low, every 30 min instead of every hour," adds another, while one more player says that Bethesda is effectively encouraging people to go 'AFK.'

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