How to complete the Destiny 2 Encoded Log quest in the Well of Echoes

Destiny 2 Echoes Encoded Log Enigma Protocol flag
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Completing the short Destiny 2 Encoded Log quest is easy, though you need to get to the Well of Echoes, and the path there isn't clear on the map. Once you're there, you've just got to complete some simple objectives before diving into a secret Destiny 2 area where you unlock the Enigma Protocol activity, taking you into the VexNet to thwart their operations against the clock for substantial rewards. I've explained how to get to the Well of Echoes in Destiny 2 and complete the Encoded Log quest below.

Destiny 2 Encoded Log quest walkthrough

Destiny 2 Echoes Encoded Log mission from Failsafe

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The Encoded Log quest from HELM Failsafe tasks you with investigating the Well of Echoes area on Nessus for a possible source of VexNet integration. That means your first job is to get to the Well of Echoes, then you need to kill a Minotaur boss to uncover a new area that allows you to breach the VexNet. Firstly, head to the Tangle region on Nessus (the closest fast travel landing zone is in Artifact's Edge) then here's what to do after that:

  1. Head to the southwest corner of the Tangle and look for the cylindrical tower with a triangle doorway.

Destiny 2 Echoes Encoded Log well of echoes location tower and marked on Nessus map

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  1. Go through the doorway bearing right, then jump down the hole in the ground and carry on down a triangular corridor.
  2. Pass through the Vex portal at the end of this corridor, to officially reach the Well of Echoes, then follow the stone path until you reach a massive circular hall. There's a shielded Minotaur – Argus, Firewall Guardian – in the middle and some Cyclopes on the upper ledges around the room.

Destiny 2 Echoes Encoded Log Minotaur boss Argus

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  1. Destroy four Vex cubes to bring down the Minotaur's shield, then kill it. There's one cube directly above Argus, one above one of the ground-level Vex portals, and the final two are on upper levels around the edge of the room.
  2. Follow the waypoint to the nearby chasm and jump in. It looks dangerous but I promise it's not. This takes you to a new area called A Hole in the Well where you'll find a flag that lets you begin the Enigma Protocol mission.
  3. Start Enigma Protocol via the flag and complete the mission. You'll be matchmade with two other Guardians for this high-level activity and must complete it against the clock. Speed is key!

That's all you've got to do for the Encoded Log quest and now you'll have the Destiny 2 Enigma Protocol activity permanently unlocked as an activity via the HELM. While the quest itself doesn't offer any rewards. Enigma Protocol is a generous activity with an extra loot chest to grab if you're willing to go even deeper into the VexNet.

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