"Yes, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development," Ubisoft confirms after 4 years of silence

Jade is back for Beyond Good and Evil 2

Last week, Ubisoft officially unveiled its remaster of Beyond Good and Evil and highlighted its connections to the long-awaited follow-up. Now, the publisher has fully confirmed the implication: Beyond Good and Evil 2 remains in the works.

"Yes, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development," the devs say in a tweet thread answering questions about the remaster, "and we cannot wait for you to discover more about Jade's past in the 20th Anniversary Edition!"

As best I can tell, this is the first official, fan-facing communication Ubisoft has provided on Beyond Good and Evil 2 since July 2020. At that time, the devs told fans that "in-game footage, Space Monkey Report livestreams, and our presence at events - whether digital or in-person - will be extremely limited for the time being."

That's a promise the devs have certainly lived up to. Since that post, Ubisoft's only acknowledgements of Beyond Good and Evil 2 have been in financial reports, and even those mentions have gotten progressively fewer and further between. Leaks have suggested that the game continues to progress, though some reports paint a less than rosy picture of conditions at the studio.

First announced with a teaser trailer way back in 2008, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is now the game with the longest development period ever, having surpassed the infamous Duke Nukem Forever's 14 year record in 2022. Here's hoping the game manages to keep that record, too - it's all for naught if it ends up quietly canceled.

There's been one rock-solid constant among our list of upcoming Ubisoft games. 

Dustin Bailey
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