The games of August 2013

From the arrival of Saints Row IV to the launch of Disney Infinity, on top of the release of new Dishonored DLC and the start of Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade 2013 event, August brings more than enough content to keep you busy through the last full month of summer. See what indie treats, major sequels, and long-awaited expansions are coming to a console and computer near you with our rundown of the incoming games of August 2013...

August 1

Cloudberry Kingdom

Platform: Wii U (PS3, Xbox 360 & PC out now)

Enter a world of patchwork heroes and limitless adventures in this procedurally generated platformer from Pwnee Studios. In Cloudberry Kingdom, players will craft a character in the 'Hero Factory' and run amok in a 2D side-scrolling game that will change and evolve according to their skill level, character stats, and equipment. The result is a game that never plays the same way twice and always has something new to teach those who dare to challenge its adaptive AI.

Cloudberry Kingdom will arrive with local co-op and multiplayer along with different modes for the single player campaign, all of which will be supported by online leaderboards. Oh, and it also stars the voice of Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda). Need we say more?

August 4

Pikmin 3

Platform: Wii U (Out now in Europe)

Shigeru Miyamoto's extra-terrestrial foragers have returned, and they're cuter, hungrier, and more resourceful than ever before. Building on the Pikmin formula, Pikmin 3 will once again place players in command of the plant-like Pikmin race as they explore the planet Koppai in search of fruit to soothe their hunger pains. This time around, the Pikmin army will include new rock and winged unit types, and offer the means to control up to three Pikmin leaders at once. The Wii U will also provide additional Pikmin management through the GamePad, however the Wii U's other controllers will also do the trick.

It's been over nine years since Nintendo marched out an original Pikmin sequel. Judging by GR's Pikmin 3 review, Miyamoto and his team have made the most of their time away from the series.

August 6

Disney's Planes

Platform: Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DS

Soar to new movie licensing heights with Dusty and his rag-tag crew of anthropomorphic flying vehicles in this video game adaptation of Disney's Planes. Set to release alongside the movie this month, Planes will strap players into the hot seat as they pilot Dusty and his CGI pals to racing glory while attempting to do what no sentient airplanes have done before. Basically, it's Disney's Cars with, you know, airplanes.

Disney's Planes is the first movie in a planned theatrical trilogy. Expect the video game series to keep pace with future releases.

Divinity: Dragon Commander

Platform: PC

Larian Studios' Divinity series soars in this tactical RPG sequel for PCs. Dated prior the events of previous Divinity games, Dragon Commander will charge players with bringing peace to the game's steampunk/fantasy empire through epic battles and behind the scenes politicking. Virtual warmongers will have the added benefit of being able to transform into a dragon to assist their troops in combat.

Divinity: Dragon Commander promises a blend of turn-based warfare, empire management, and a healthy dose of character building. Multiplayer and co-op modes will extend the game's main campaign with ample opportunities to fry and/or aid your friends online. Ready to ride? Mount up with our Divinity: Dragon Commander preview.

Dragon's Crown

Platform: PS3, PS Vita

If Divinity: Dragon Commander's tactical approach to the fantasy genre isn't your style, you can always get down and dirty with this Vanillaware button masher. Dragon's Crown lets up to four friends to pick one of six fighter classes--elf, wizard, dwarf, fighter, amazon, and sorceress--and plunder a rich, 2D fantasy world in search of the coveted 'Dragon's Crown' treasure. Branching paths, side-quests, and stat-enhancing equipment promise a new adventure with every play, while the option to transform friends' corpses in AI allies will also keep the action going well beyond the final boss.

The PS Vita version of Dragon's Crown is identical to the PS3 version, with the added bonus of being able to use the handheld's touchscreen features for more tactile inventory management.

Ibb & Obb

Platform: PS3
EU: August 7

Meet Ibb and Obb, the gravity-defying stars of Sparpweed's PS3 physics puzzler. Bouncing in as a digital download, this co-op title will challenge friends to pair up and trek through a world where gravity can be reversed, enemies can be possessed, and diamonds are just a perilous jump away.

Ibb and Obb will demand tight teamwork and platforming skills from its players, as one wrong movement or ill-timed jump is all it will take to stop teams in their tracks. Thankfully, Ibb and Obb will launch with online multiplayer, meaning you aren't limited to your uncoordinated friends alone. A PC version is also in the works.

Tales of Xillia

Platform: PS3
EU: August 9

Give your PS3 one more JRPG adventure with this late-gen port of Namco Tales Studio's popular franchise. Following the story of Jude and Milla, Tales of Xillia will whisk players away to the world of Rieze Maxia where they will explore 3D environments and engage in four-player battle modes to stop the Lance of Kresnik from pummeling the barrier between their world and the spirit-fueled realm of Elenpios.

Originally released in September 2011, this localized version will arrive in the west with full English voice acting. Take a look ahead at the newest Tales chapter in Tales of Xillia preview – hands-on the upcoming JRPG.

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