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Still Alive
Not even a year old, Portal’s Still Alive has apparated itself into the hearts of gamers everywhere. It transformed GLaDOS from a villain into a digital diva sensation, and it’s been given the tribute treatment almost as many times as Mario. Covered by8-bit synthesizers,creepy-cute web chicks, and even aplayer piano, these are the versions you should see sooner rather than later.

Likely the most impressive rendition of Still Alive, two gentlemen took it upon themselves to perform it as a duet... by firing their guns atenlarged pianokeys in a Half-Life 2 mod.

From somewhere in the bowels of Japan comes this bizarre J-pop cover by Cana:n Cana:n. We suppose the cinematographer was going for "cute" but it's only need a black and white filter awayfrom an America's Most Wanteddramatization on a murdered child.

Unsurprisingly, one of the best versions of Still Alive is by the creator of the song, Jonathan Coulton. You could easily sing his acoustic rendition around a campfire. And we probably will.

And in what may be the internet's most meta video to date, Coulton performs a song he wrote for a video game, live in concert… in another video game. Our head is spinning, but we believethe vid below is from therecentunveiling of Still Alive as a downloadable songfor Rock Band.