Gamers rock out!

Mario Mario Mario!
With twenty years worth of titles, it's no surprise that the most iconic character ingaming has been given the musical fan treatment. It's safe to say the Mario theme has been covered morethan Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan,but here's the ones we like best.

This guy's one of the internet's original Mario shredders. If you play guitar and love Mario, you'll still never be this good.

Andrea Vadrucci rocks the drums. He made his way around The internets a month or two ago for the video of him drumming over Mario songs.

What would you get if you combined Smash Bros. with a four xylophones and a percussion section? Something like this vid from Everglades High School. The Mario stuffcomes inat about 3:40, but listenfor Double Dragon and Zelda as well.

Did you know the Mario theme had lyrics? Neither did we, but here they are... in Japanese, accompanied by the man himself. Check the YouTube summary for an Englishtranslation. "Today, full of energy, jumping!" indeed.