Gamers rock out!


Karaoke is all fine and dandy, but covering a song with live band backup is a different thing entirely. If you thought playing a cover song was red meat for the crowd, try throwing aclassic game tune onto the set list and watch the fans go apeshit with nostalgia.

In what could be the finest piece of music ever arranged by human beings (Sorry, Mambo #5), The Minibossesbrilliantly perform a medley of Mega Man 2 music.They also cover many other game instrumentals, such as Castlevania and Metroid, which you can downloadhere.

A rotating stable of musicians make up the cover-happy phenomenon that isThe OneUps. Their jams cover the entire gaming gamut, from Earthworm Jim to Final Fantasy. Take a look at their PAX '07appearance to seeexactly how much mankindcan benefitwhen talented geeks prevail.

Not content to simply compose the most memorable songs in Final Fantasy history, Nobuo Uematsu also formed the metal thunderbeast, The Black Mages, so that they may shred his tunes in various public settings. In possiblythe most epic performance ever laid to YouTube, below you'll see the Mages perform One Winged Angel (Sephiroth’s Theme) in concert with full orchestral backing.

And how could we not include our favorite faux-Arabs,Group X, performing the timeless Mario Twins. It's aLow-Fistroke of genius, plus half the instruments are their mouths.