Game Of Thrones: Win The Crown Sweepstakes

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Robert Baratheon’s crown (left) and Renly Baratheon’s crown (right)

The celebrates the new series of Game Of Thrones on Sky Atlantic, the UK HBO Shop is inviting fans to take home the ultimate symbol of the season, one of the crowns belonging to the different warring kings.

Fans can visit the HBO Shop online for a chance to win one of these authentic collectibles as seen on the set of Game Of Thrones .

Two grand prize winners in the UK will each win one of Robert Baratheon’s crowns as actually used in filming. A runner-up in the UK will win Renly Baratheon’s crown.

Game Of Thrones costume designer, Michele Clapton, provides her inspiration behind the creation of these crowns:

• Robert Crown – “Robert’s crown is heavy gold and that of a true ruling King, it features a series of antler shapes sweeping around a circlet which is engraved with the same image.”

• Renly Crown – “Renly’s crown is based on the Baratheon sigil, the antlers. It is a deep rich gold, and its surface is etched to give it a natural feel. It was designed to be worn low on the head, it was also echoed on the front of his soldiers helmet’s. I wanted it to have more elegance than Robert’s but to be stronger and heavier than Joffrey's.”

To enter fans in the UK, need to visit

The sweepstakes is open until 4 May 2012.

To check out Game Of Thrones g oodies and other merchandise from your favorite hit shows, visit the HBO UK store at now.

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