Game music of the day: Red Dead Redemption

Game: Red Dead Redemption
Song: Far Away
Composer: Jose Gonzalez

Do we need to tell you we’re huge fans of “Far Away” by Jose Gonzalez? Hell, we’ve written about the specific moment the song that kicks in,upon John Martson’s arrival in Mexico, TWICE! (Links below) Coincidentally, to mark the release of the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack, and it’s availability to people who didn’t buy the Special Edition version of the game, Rockstar had Mr. Gonzalez swing by and record a music video on the rooftop of their office. Simply beautiful…

We called the subtle inclusion of the tune a “perfect moment” in a game filled standout moment, and many of you who braved the trek across the San Luis River agreed with us wholeheartedly… even if own staff didn’t. It turns out that moment can unfold differently depending on the situation.For David Houghton, Gonzalez’s mournful serenade came to an abrupt halt when a pack of coyotes came out and killed his horse mid-song, ruining an otherwise transcendent experience.

Above: Look at this horse. This horse is amazing!

But wait, why would the song cut out in that situation? Strangely enough, the only way you can hear the song is by getting on, and staying on, the specific horse provided for you at the river bank following the “We Shall Be Together In Paradise” mission. Charlie Barratt called in his own mount once he arrived in Mexico, so he didn'teven hear the song. And since that’s the only time “Far Away” plays in the entire game, he neverheard ituntil we showed it to him on YouTube (the first Google search result for "Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack" BTW.) So Dave and Charlie, this entry is for you!

Jul 21, 2010

Lunarcy by Egg Plant Productions

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