Amazing. It's another classic gaming moment, courtesy of Rockstar

I'm a bit behind playing Red Dead Redemption. I'm a busy man. But my most recent session with the game had my spine-all-a-shivering. It was a proper moment. The kind of moment that just doesn't happen in games very often. Which makes it feel extraordinarily special. Something worth writing about.

The moment struck me with a case of the soul-chills after arriving in Mexico for the first time. I jumped my man John Marston on a horse and started riding a dusty canyon track. Nothing particularly special was happening. And then this incredibly beautiful song sparks into life and the entire scene changes in an instant.

From just another bit in Red Dead sat in the saddle, the music lifts it to a perfect moment. A moment to slow down and soak it all in. To reflect on how awe-inspiring video games can be. Truly epic.

The song is called 'Far Away' and it's by a guy called Jose Gonzalez. Have a listen:

It's beautiful on its own, but when it's wrapped up in Red Dead Redemption it sounds even sweeter.

And this is just the most recent example of Rockstar stunning me with its ability to engineer the indelible by selecting the perfect tune to conjure the perfect moment.

I'll always remember jumping in a car for the first time in Vice City and the radio greeting me with Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean'. Or in San Andreas after burning a field of marijuana and heading to San Fierro in a camper van with America's 'Horse with no name' playing on the stereo. Unforgettable.

When it comes to crafting memorable moments in games, Rockstar is the best in the business.

Do you fine folks share my admiration for Rockstar? Have you had a classic moment courtesy of Rockstar? Or perhaps another game moment made extra special by some expertly placed music?

July 5, 2010

Matt Cundy
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