Game Center coming to iPad-specific apps?

Apple's Game Center, which is basically the iPhone version of Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network, may soon be coming to the iPad as suggested by details for a new iPad game touting support for the social service.

Game Center makes it easy for developers to let players compete online with other players, add friends and see what they are playing, post high scores to leaderboards, and unlock Xbox Live-like achievements.

A description for the game Big Sudoku Book notes that it has "full support for iOS4.2 including Game Center and background tasking on the iPad."

It's referring to the upcoming firmware update for the device, which promises multi-tasking capabilities and numerous other functional enhancements, although Apple has not given a firm date as to when iPad owners can expect the new software.

Apple hasn't specifically talked about Game Center on the iPad, but given its universality on the iPhone, it would make sense to bring it over the iPad-specific games as well.


Nov 9, 2010

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