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George Miller says Furiosa is unlikely to appear in Mad Max sequel

She engaged in bloody punch-ups and life-or-death fights along the dusty, perilous Fury Road and in the process won our collective hearts. Imperator Furiosa stole the show in Mad Max: Fury Road from its titular hero Max Rockatansky, with worldwide moviegoers who forked out $374 million eager to see her return for the sequel. Despite her popularity the question remains: will she be back for part two?

According to director George Miller himself, the chance of Charlize Theron reprising her role in the sequel is slim. “I’m not sure, is the answer,” Miller told Digital Spy, “She’s not in the Mad Max [sequel] story, but in one of the stories there’s an interaction between [Max and Furiosa]. I can’t really say more than that because it’s still in progress.”

There you have it, folks. Not all is lost as Miller himself states that another "story" -- many of which were cooked up during production on Fury Road -- does include her in a cameo capacity, but that probably wouldn't surface for some time if at all. For now, Miller is hard at work orchestrating the two sequels but confirms that his next movie will be an effects-light affair. We might be waiting a while for Mad Max's next adventure.

Gem Seddon
Gem Seddon

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