From the people that bought you the Metapod sleeping bag comes this massive Gengar pillow

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A $250 Gengar pillow is launching in Japan, and its... well, it fits the character.

But if you fancy getting your hands on it, you're probably already out of luck. The plush, developed by P-Bandai, was made available for pre-order last night, but sold out in less than 75 minutes.

The cushion, styled after the classic ghost Pokemon, is 48cm tall and 53cm wide. That's a little smaller than its 'real' size - the Pokedex puts the average Gengar at 1.5m from tail to tip - but it makes up for its diminutive body with its enormous tongue. Bundled up inside the main body of the pillow is more than five feet of padding, which can be unrolled for multiple (apparently) sleeping-related purposes.

It's difficult to assess exactly what purpose the plush is intended to serve. Last year, Bandai released an official Metapod sleeping bag, but it's far trickier to determine where you're supposed to rest your head when it comes to Gengar. Some promotional photos show a model bunching up the tongue to use as a pillow, but others feature the model resting their head within the Pokemon's mouth, using stretched-out tongue as a very thin mattress, while others still suggest the tongue can operate as a blanket. I also have several questions about why Bandai is continuing to position its bedding items as part of a businessman's home-working environment, but that's another matter. 

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It's not clear whether there'll be a second wave of pre-orders or sales, or whether the item will ever ship separately outside of Japan. Devastating as that might be, however, you can at least rest easy knowing that the pillow is pretty accurate to the Pokemon games, thanks to Gengar's ability to learn both Lick and Hypnosis.

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