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Official Metapod sleeping bag launches in Japan

(Image credit: Bandai)

A Metapod-themed sleeping bag is launching in Japan ahead of its full release next year. 

The officially-licensed product, made by Bandai, lets you snuggle up inside the cocoon Pokémon, although it doesn't look like it'd provide the most comfortable night's sleep.

The bright green sleeping bag, made of a combination of polyester fiber and nylon, certainly looks the part, even if the accompanying photos do appear to take a hard line on the much-debated question of which side of Metapod is its 'face'. Inside, there's padding that fits to the shape of a person's back and hips, which should make for a relatively comfortable seat, but there are a few features that don't seem conducive to sleep.

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For one thing, the sleeping back is only 150cm long. While the pokémon's shape does allow a little extra wiggle room, the 175cm tall model using the sleeping bag in the marketing shots appears to fit quite snugly, suggesting that anyone taller than that is unlikely to be able to stretch out. It's also probably worth pointing out that this is very much suited to children's sleepovers rather than long-term camping trips in the wilderness, as there's not much in the way of insulation on show. It should, however, act as the perfect place to enjoy Pokémon Sword and Shield's frosty new Crown Tundra expansion.

Your very own Metapod will set you back ¥35,000, which is somewhere in the region of $335, but since it's shipping from Japan, you should probably expect to pay a little more than that. Pre-orders are available now ahead of a release date in April 2021, and you can order from Bandai's official website.

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