Fringe Season Three Major Spoiler

But it’s more about the show’s structure than actual plot points, if that makes you more likely to click through

Astrid actress Jasika Nicole reveals a major piece of new information about the structure of Fringe ’s third season in an interview with EW ’s Mike Ausiello :

Responding to the question, “So is Astrid getting more to do?” she says:

“Yes she is, and this is also to do with there being two of her now, that I get to play, which is awesome. At the beginning of the season we are alternating episodes – so we’ve got one in the alternate universe and then one in the present universe. So if you were to skip every other episode you would only be seeing the story happening in one universe. They’re going to do it for the first half of the season, but essentially what I think is happening is they’ve got these two different that are kind of running in parallel lines, and they’re going to converge into one big story, and everybody’s world is going to be turned upside down.”

Wow! That sounds like a brave and exciting move to us, but it does raise a few questions:

  • Will they alternate between the red and blue title sequences?
  • Will Peter only be half the episodes (to begin with, at least?)
  • It doesn’t sound like a show that’s desperate to broaden its appeal. Surely casual, fairweather viewers are going to be left wondering, “Is this the same show I was watching last week?”
Dave Golder
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