Friday TV Highlights


LIVING Charmed “Witchstock”

SCI FI The Lost World “Fire in the Sky”

SKY TWO Futurama “Time Keeps on Slipping”

SKY THREE Relic Hunter “Three Rivers to Cross”


SKY TWO Futurama “I Dated a Robot”


ITV4 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) “The House on Haunted Hill”

SCI FI Mysterious Ways “Yesterday”


BBC3 Doctor Who “The Sound of Drums”

LIVING The X-Files “Teliko”

SCI FI The Dead Zone “Into the Heart of Darkness”

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “Meridian”


BBC1 Junior Mastermind – one of the specialist subjects on tonight’s show is Star Wars supremo George Lucas; see whether you can beat the contender

ZONE HORROR The Twilight Zone


FX Charlie Jade “Choosing Sides” – most viewers choose another one

SCI FI The Dead Zone “The Hunting Party”

SKY TWO Stargate SG-1 “Revelations”

TROUBLE Charmed “Little Box of Horrors”

VIRGIN 1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Life Support”


BBC3 Torchwood “End of Days” – series one finale

TROUBLE Kyle XY “Ghost in the Machine”


SKY TWO Journeyman “Double Down”


LIVING Charmed “Chris-Crossed”


FX Charlie Jade “Choosing Sides”


ITV2 The New Adventures of Superman “AKA Superman” – AKA, Lois and Clark


SKY ONE Mutant X “Wasteland” – which, coincidentally, is exactly which part of the TV schedules this show has ended up in


4.45pm FILM FOUR My Neighbour Totoro – charming anime from the director of Spirited Away. Honestly, even if you think you hate anime, you need to see this!

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