Fresh off a 2 million-strong beta, super-fast loot shooter The First Descendant launches Summer 2024

The First Descendant
(Image credit: Nexon)

The First Descendent, a third-person loot shooter made in Unreal Engine 5, has confirmed a summer 2024 release window.

In a new trailer that debuted during The Game Awards, developer Nexon reintroduces two characters who should be familiar to those who've been following the game's development, and one new arrival. During the trailer, the trio prepare to face off against the Colossi that are threatening their home.

As with many loot shooters, The First Descendant puts co-op gameplay at its heart, and the trailer makes that clear, coupling multiplayer with some of the lightning-fast movement that's been present in previous trailers.

The success of games like Destiny 2 and Borderlands shows how big loot shooters can be, and while The First Descendant might differ from those games in its third-person (rather than first-person) perspective, it's looking to follow in their footsteps with its player base. Developer Nexon says the game's recent crossplay open beta drew in two million participants.

The success of that beta encouraged the team to aim for that 2024 window to allow extra time to add oft-requested enhancements like more mission variety, improved UI, and an extra push for the graphics. Nexon has also pledged better co-op, including matchmaking support for dungeons, and weapon loadouts.

For that summer window, you can realistically expect The First Descendant to arrive any time between June and August, although there's every chance that date could stretch from May to September at the absolute outside. That might mean that as we approach the end of 2023, there's really not that long to wait before one of 2024's most anticipated shooters.

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