Free Mafia 3 demo lets you try the whole first act - your revenge story starts here

Mafia 3's first act is now free-to-play. 2K Games and developer Hangar 13 announced today that players can experience the game's bank heist gone bad and ensuing slaughter of New Bordeaux's black mob, kicking off Lincoln Clay's tale of thorough (and inventive) revenge. If you like what you play, you'll be able to transfer all of your progress over to the full version of the game once you purchase it.

Here's how much storage space you'll need to download the demo, broken out by platform:

  • PS4: 27GB
  • Xbox One: 25GB
  • PC (Steam): 24GB

Mafia 3's impact was dulled by repetitive filler missions and a few too many glitches when it came out last year, but its opening hours in particular have a strong narrative verve. Here's GR+'s David Houghton on the early game, from his review: "Fuelled by intelligent, sober writing, strong, sobering performances, and a mature restraint when it comes to sensationalism or judgement, it’s a matter-of-fact yet thoughtful intro whose intent is not just to present, but to discuss".

Now you can judge it for yourself without dropping a dime.

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