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Mafia 3's funniest glitches include killer car deliveries and Jesus cops

Mafia 3 (opens in new tab) is proudly carrying on the beloved tradition of open-world games entertaining the internet with an endless procession of bizarre glitches. Players are sharing ever more strange happenings across New Bordeaux on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, and I've collected some of the best right here.

Free cardio workout with every car delivery

This is why you should always boat defensively

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Lincoln's special forces training included psychic interrogation

This urban art installation is a bit inconvenient

I wish gravity worked like this

Source: TheDreadThief (opens in new tab)

Or like this, minus the truck bed full of corpses

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Can he turn water into wine, too?

Source: Crowbcat (opens in new tab)

… and does this make Lincoln the Antichrist?

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Bonus: this isn't a glitch, it's just cool that there's a hidden flooded airport

Source: Draconio (opens in new tab)

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