Free Kane & Lynch maps pack next week

Eidos sends word that four new multiplayer maps are on the way for Kane %26amp; Lynch's multiplayer mode, Fragile Alliance. They're all absolutely free.

In case you've never played it before, the multiplayer mode has you playing as criminals in a heist. You're encouraged to work as a team until the very end, when back-stabbing your teammates at the right moment can help you get away with all the loot. It also gives your victim a chance for revenge when they respawn as a copper.

The 'Dope Bag' pack includes four maps each with a new back-stabby heist scenario: Clean Cut has you take on the local dope dealers and the Russian mafia at an LA construction site; Hooker's Trail has you clash with the Yakuza in Tokyo; Flying High takes place in the Venezuelan jungle and lastly, you're after the general's Havana gold in Hasta La Vista.

"With Fragile Alliance, we set out to offer gamers a new experience in co-op multiplayer, giving players the choice to work as a team or backstab their teammates and work for themselves at any moment," said Kim Krogh, lead designer. "The response to Fragile Alliance has been fantastic and these new maps will serve to grow the Fragile Alliance online community even further."

It's out on April 17 (that's Xbox Live and PSN).

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 8, 2008