Frank Milller picks Gabriel Macht for The Spirit

Even since testing the waters of directing by collaborating on Sin City with Robert Rodriguez, comic book scripting legend Frank Miller’s been busy developing his solo shot at the big chair.

And with his adaptation of Will Eisner’s legendary comics tome The Spirit all set to shoot in October, he’s finally tracked down the man to fill the sharp suit and battered fedora.

Gabriel Macht, last seen helping launch the CIA in The Good Shepherd, has signed on to play the title character, a man who fakes his own death and battles criminals from the shadows in his hometown of Central City. His worst enemy is the Octopus, a psycho bent on wiping out the city who murderlises anyone who catches a glimpse of his ugly mug.

Mach got the job after an audition, and apparently has all the qualities that the producers were looking for: "We think Gabriel has a devilishly charming quality, and the dry wit that embodies the Spirit, and we wanted to do this with someone who can embody this character for the next few years, because we anticipate we'll be making more than one Spirit movie," Lionsgate honcho Mike Paseornek blabbed to Variety .

The movie should stalk into cinemas by 2009.

source:( Variety )

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