Fox Atomic meets Harvey And Marky

Yes, if it’s a day that ends in a Y, then there must be a hundred new comedy pitches ratting around Hollywood.

But one of them has just fallen into a lucky slot – as Fox Atomic has just bought Harvey And Marky: A True Story Of Friendship And Betrayal. The title almost takes longer to write than the pitch, which is that two lifelong friends fall out when the shy one of the pair (Marky) lands himself a girlfriend and his domineering mate hires a fake ladylove to try and stay ahead.

Pitch scribes Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogel are doing rather well for themselves right now – they’ve sold a script to Warners and have just been given the task of re-writing Jim Carrey’s new movie, Yes Man even as it shoots. Better brush up on those ways to make gurning funny, boys.