Four more Wolverines join Red Dawn

The Red Dawn remake has four new recruits: Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise and Edwin Hodge.

They'll be swelling the ranks of the Wolverines - the ragtag teenage team who must defend their town from invading Chinese and Russian soldiers, a slight shift from the 1984 original (below).

Hutcherson, last seen in Journey To The Center Of The Earth is taking over C Thomas Howell's role of Robert, the group's tech whizz.

Revenge Of The Fallen's Lucas is Erica, the local high school's head cheerleader and girlfriend of one of the Wolverines' leaders. She ends up trapped in an internment camp and must be rescued.

Cruise - yes, he's Tom and Nicole's son - will play the mayor's son and Robert's best friend while Hodge, of All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, is the school's charismatic jock, who helps kick start the resistance.

Already aboard, and about to report for military training, are Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palicki and Josh Peck.

Dan Bradley will be directing the film from next month, getting it ready to launch next September in the US.

[Source: THR ]

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