Fortnite's The End event was watched by over six million people, and even Elon Musk is getting involved

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Over six million concurrent players tuned in to watch Fortnite's entire island get sucked up into a black hole last night, and Elon Musk has hinted that he is responsible for Fortnite Season 10's explosive end… because of course he has. 

Shortly after Fortnite's in-game event, Musk retweeted a former post from 2018,  which previously referenced a satirical website Huzlers which jokes that the technology entrepreneur bought Fortnite just to delete it. Musk is also joking, of course, but we can't help wonder whether he knows something about the current state of Fortnite's island that we don't...

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If anyone was responsible for Fortnite's "End," you could quite easily imagine it being Musk. If you enter into the game right now, you'll be greeted with nothing but darkness and the distant round glow of the black hole radiating in the background. We don't yet know when it will come back, but there are rumours that it may even stay in that condition until Fortnite Season 11 starts, which leaks suggest is set to begin this Thursday on October 17. 

The leak showed API code that revealed two dates, including October 13, the date that we now know was referencing the big black hole event known as "The End." Our very own head of video and veteran Fortnite player James Jarvis captured the moment the entire island was destroyed, and eventually spewed out some mysterious Fortnite black hole numbers into the ether. You can check it out below:

A Fortnite Chapter 2 leak surfaced just a few days shy of the cataclysmic event revealing a new map with boats and a lighthouse. We don't yet know what state the new map will be in whenever the black hole chucks out something, but this leak could give us an idea of what might be on the way. While the main game appears to be shut down for now, players can play a Fortnite Konami Code black hole mini game while they wait it out for the game to return.

While you wait for Fortnite to come back, check out these Fortnite tips to get back into the action in style. 

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