Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked image shows a new map, boats, and a lighthouse

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 11 remains a mystery, but according to a recent App Store leak, it could very well end up being Fortnite Chapter 2 - a brand-new start for Epic's battle royale hit. As Reddit user Giacozzo reported, a now-removed listing image on the Italian App Store shows three Fortnite characters looking out over what appears to be a new map, and the image is curiously headlined Fortnite Chapter 2. 

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The image was removed from the App Store shortly after it went live, but that didn't stop the internet from cataloguing and dissecting it. As many players pointed out, the environment shown doesn't look anything like the existing map, so it seems likely that the next stage of Fortnite, whether it's another season or a new chapter, will either evolve the map considerably or introduce a second map altogether. After 10 seasons of Fortnite, it wouldn't be too surprising to see Epic expand the game's suite of battlegrounds, especially after competing battle royales like PUBG and Apex Legends added new maps. 

The image also shows two boats whizzing across the river on the left, which may suggest that aquatic vehicles will be added in the next season. Epic would presumably start with boats, but it's easy to imagine jet skis or even those water-powered jetpacks being added down the line. 

The content of this image remains unconfirmed, but the app listing itself is authentic. The reviews, icon, and additional images check out, and the Fortnite Chapter 2 image was confirmed and archived by multiple players before it was pulled. The cat won't go back in the bag, that's for sure. We've reached out to Epic for more information about the listing, and we'll update this story if we hear back. 

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