Fortnite's newly vaulted Infinity Blade is still appearing in some matches

The Infinity Blade added in Fortnite's wintry update was hideously overpowered. It aggravated countless players and wreaked havoc among the game's competitive scene, so it was (almost) immediately vaulted to give Epic time to rebalance it and reconsider their approach to Fortnite's mythic items. That was last week - but as some players have discovered, the Infinity Blade is still spawning in Fortnite, only rarely.

Reddit user itslabs recently posted a curious clip of Twitch streamer Quemzi, who encountered a player wielding an Infinity Blade after it was vaulted. Not only that, the wielder was able to build with the Infinity Blade equipped despite the soft nerf it received before it was vaulted, which prevented wielders from building structures or harvesting resources with the blade equipped. The Infinity Blade shouldn't be appearing at all, and it certainly shouldn't be shirking off its nerf, so players suspected this is the work of a bug. According to Epic community coordinator Sean 'MrPopoTFS' Hamilton, it is. 

"We're now aware that there is a very small chance that the Infinity Blade can spawn in some matches," Hamilton said in a comment on itslabs' Reddit post. "We are already working on a fix for this which will ensure it won't appear in any matches. This will be in tomorrow's v7.10 client update. Thanks so much for the heads up!" 

It's good to know that a fix is coming tomorrow, December 18, and you can't help but marvel at the Infinity Blade's power. A modest nerf is one thing, but even vaulting the damn thing couldn't stop it. Truly, nobody should have that kind of power. 

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Austin Wood

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