Fortnite wallpapers from a graphics glitch are minimalist and excellent

Oh sure, you could make a Fortnite wallpaper out of your very first Victory Royale, or one of the loading screens you've unlocked, or even by grabbing a piece of key art from Google Images. But if you're in the market for a more low-key, high-style way to celebrate your love for dropping onto an island with 100 people and battling/building your way to the top, these images from Reddit user DonutFace4 are exactly what you're looking for.

As you can tell, this is pretty different from how the game normally looks. Most of the textures (including the sky) are gone, leaving behind subtle, monochromatic gradients across certain game objects and parts of the landscape and blackness everywhere else. It reminds me of the promotional art for Firewatch, and not just because one of the images is literally of a watch tower.

The really cool part is how these images weren't captured with a special in-game filter or anything but rather with the aid of a glitch in replay mode.

Here's how DonutFace4 explained the process: "It's pretty complicated but the way I managed to do it is to click as far left on the timeline where the replay starts, sometimes it turns black instantly (which is what happened to me the first time) but more than likely it's going to put you in a loading screen. It's basically luck based and you have to keep spamming the pause button while clicking."

There are a bunch more (both with and without giant glowing rifts in the sky) and you can check out the whole selection on Imgur. Or you could try to follow the instructions and create some of your own - if you make anything cool, make sure you drop us a link in the comments!

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