See Thanos in action in the Fortnite x Infinity War crossover and try not to lose your damn mind

What is there left to do after you kill off a chunk of MCU characters? Turn to annihilating people in an entirely different entertainment platform, of course. Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet have already been causing a delightful amount of havoc in Fortnite thanks to the Avengers: Infinity War crossover, and we don't really blame him. If we had a fist full of infinity stones we think we'd be firing purple laser beams of death at anyone who came our way. 

The crossover was announced yesterday and the whole internet - yes, all of it, even those dingey little corners - quickly went ballistic. No wonder, as seeing the mad titan smashing up Tilted Towers is something no-one really expected to come out of 2018. We should have known better. To find him jump into the Infinity Gauntlet mode and keep an eye out for the giant gold Gauntlet as it comes crashing down in a meteor - helpfully, it’ll also be tagged on your radar so you can make a beeline straight for it. The Infinity Gauntlet is a damn impressive piece of weaponry, and comes with three special powers. Each stone - three of them rather than six - gives you a separate ability: the power stone is a purple laser beam of death, the time stone allows you to punch with enough force to make Captain America crumble, and the mind stone lets you do a colossal jump. Plus if you jump in the air and then use your punch ability, you create a massive ground slam that damages anything in your vicinity. 

Fortnite x Infinity War stars Thanos

Fortnite x Infinity War stars Thanos

You’re not invincible, though: a handful of well-placed bullets will kill Thanos. Well, quite a lot of them actually. The devs at Fortnite have already tweaked just how powerful his abilities are with promises to keep an eye on how he's doing, reducing the shield cap from 300 to 200 and doing the same for his health, limiting it to 700. Plus his purple laser now only does 12 points of damage instead of 15. Still, those stats are still quite the boost considering players usually start off with 100 health and zero shield. Yikes. We strongly recommend brushing up on some Fortnite tips before you take the purple supervillain on in Fortnite Season 4, as although fun might not be on the Mad Titan’s mind, seeing you expire in his purple laser beam does probably put a smile on his face. Or anyone’s, really. 

Zoe Delahunty-Light

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