Fortnite goes full Counter-Strike with this Dust 2 map for Search & Destroy

A sniper rifle's crosshair is trained on an approaching combatant in this screen from the Fortnite Dust 2 map
(Image credit: Team Evolve/Epic Games)

The new Search & Destroy mode that arrived alongside the Fortnite Love and War challenges is classic shooter bliss, but old-school fans were left asking one question: where's Dust 2?

Here is Dust 2.

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The famed Counter-Strike map that has been the focal point for everything from late '90s LAN parties to high-end esports competition is now ready for battle in Fortnite, thanks to a painstaking recreation by Team Evolve. The crates, the palm trees, the half-open doors, it's all here.

If you've already played Search & Destroy, you know what a perfect fit it makes for a Counter-Strike map revival: two teams take turns either trying to arm bombs or defuse them, with immediate victory if you manage to kill off the other side before the bomb is set. The community-created mode isn't shy about lifting directly from its source material, so it's only right that we go all the way and play the full thing in Dust 2.

Unfortunately, this version of Dust 2 isn't part of the default lineup for the main Search & Destroy activity. You'll need to punch in island code 9908-4675-7557 to play in Creative mode. Queue up for matchmaking and you'll drop into battle with a bunch of gun-toting counter-terrorists and terrorists - just like the good old days, minus people spray painting really old memes on the walls. We called them image macros back then...

If you ever get tired of bouncing grenades off corners in Dust 2, you can check out everything we know about what's coming in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 and when it may arrive.

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