Fortnite Driftboards and hover-riffic limited-time modes added in update 7.40

After an announcement and subsequent delay last December, Fortnite's long-awaited Driftboards have finally arrived as part of update v7.40. As Epic announced in a new blog post, Driftboards are now available in Save the World, normal Battle Royale games, and the new limited-time "Driftin'" Battle Royale mode.

In standard modes, Driftboards can be found scattered around Fortnite's map and zones. You can't build while riding one - so no infinite floating ramps, sadly - but you can shoot, use items, and use your boost to pull off tricks and earn style points. You can see that in action in this brief trailer from Epic: 

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The new Driftin' mode, meanwhile, pits two teams of 32 players against one another in a map overflowing with Driftboards. You'll also slowly regenerate health and shields while riding a Driftboard in this mode. As a reminder, both the Driftin' game mode and the Driftboards themselves will only be available for a limited time. Here's hoping they stick around for at least a few weeks, because if that whole Fortnite earthquake situation doesn't calm down, we're going to need a quick way to get out of dodge. 

Driftin' isn't the only new limited-time mode, either. A new grenade-only mode called Catch was also added in update v7.40, in which all guns have been replaced with throwables ranging from Clingers to Port-a-Forts. The item spawn rates in Catch have also been cranked to 11, so you should never run low on grenades. I suspect most players will dogpile the awesome-looking hoverboards, but I have to admit, Catch does sound fun. 

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Austin Wood

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