Fortnite developer Epic Games might be giving away $10 in credit if you add two-factor authentication to your account

Players who have logged on to Fortnite in the past several hours have been greeted with a generous offer from Epic Games. The news page says that players can earn $10 if they add 2 factor authentication to their Epic Games account—all in celebration of the stores unannounced mega sale. 

The message has since disappeared, although that's most likely because it went out too early. The small reward here is for the Epic Games Store in general, and not Fortnite although you might be able  to purchase V-bucks. That kind of money could net you a new skin, glider, harvesting tool, or cosmetic in Fortnite.

Epic Games has had plenty of security issue since they launched their store last December. Players have been infamously perturbed by Fortnite and the Epic Games Stores lack of privacy options and other basic security features that have lead to attempted scams and even some money laundering schemes. 

Hopefully we'll see some new info regarding this Epic Games Store mega sale soon. The news tab could've listed the notification by mistake, but the most likely scenario is that it went out early due to a data entry error. 

There hasn't been any confirmation about a mega sale from Epic yet, but we'll let you know if they issue an official comment. In the mean time, here's how you can enable 2 factor authentication on your Epic Games account:

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