Fortnite Battle Royale's best secret locations and easiest chests

Thanks to a huge update, Fortnite Battle Royale’s map is new and improved with more locations and a fresh coat of paint. The new locations bring a lot more chests for us to open up, so we've put together a guide showcasing the 11 best secret locations and the easiest way to get yourself some epic loot. Watch the video above or read on, and we'll show you where to find the perfect places to stock up for the battle ahead.

1. Fallout Shelter at Snobby Shores

The first secret location is the underground fallout shelter that’s in the most southern house at Snobby Shores. In here you can obtain up to three chests and an assortment of weapons. When gliding in I recommend heading towards the back left corner of the green house. Go in through the door, and then through the next door in front of you. Here you’ll see a wooden wardrobe - break it. Behind this is the entrance to the secret shelter, so head on down and you’ll be greeted with a couple of chests! Beware that this is growing in popularity, so make sure to lay down a trap and close those doors!

2. Kayak Chest at Greasy Grove 

This one was very unknown to me, and I’ve been playing Fortnite for two months now! Land on the largest building in Greasy Grove, and start smashing through the ceiling with the air vents on. This should make you drop directly on the stairs underneath a Kayak. Smash this Kayak and the wall it’s on, and if you’re lucky you’ll be delighted to see a golden chest. Just make sure to keep an eye on that doorway, as it has protection from intruders.

3. Hanging Truck on East Cliffside

This one is a little far out from any buildings, but it’s a reliable chest to obtain on almost every drop. Head north east of Lonely Lodge, and glide over to the cliffside until you see what seems to be a lorry hanging off the cliffside. It’s hard to see the chest, but make the gamble and it should pay off. There will be a chest on the back of it hanging off, so make sure to tread lightly and pick up the loot as soon as it opens. And if you want some extra metal, just smash the vehicle to bits!

4. Secret Cave at Anarchy Acres

This is another one that I didn’t know about until recently and it’s directly north of Anarchy Acres, which happens to be close to the cliffside under a raised hill. Your best bet is to head to the cliffside so you can get an easy visual, and then glide directly in. This is one of my favourite spots as not only do you get a chest, you also get an ammo box. Plus if you head north, you get a nice line of sight through the windows where there’s usually someone looting.

5. Giant Llama North of Junk Junction

This one may be known to a few of you, but some may think it’s just another statue with nothing inside. Well, you’re wrong, this fella can be filled with two or three chests for you to devour. Glide in north of Junk Junction and you’ll see a gigantic Llama - try landing on its head and breaking through, as there’s usually a chest within its neck. Head down a level or two and there should be another crate for you to open. With all that loot you’ll be ready to take on whoever you want in Junk Junction, with a nice backdoor strategy in your favour.

6. Easy Chests at the Eastern Racecourse

We’re certain this area is a racecourse but we could be wrong! Between Moisty Mine and Lonely Lodge you’ll see what looks like random squiggles on your map; in fact this is what looks to be some kind of racecourse. Towards the cliffside is a viewing platform, and under this there’s usually a chest - on rare occasions there’s two! This is one of the easier chests in the game as nobody drops here, because it’s out of the way from any lootable towns. If you do get lucky and you’re solo, you’ll have a nice amount of loot and a few other buildings to raid on your way to Retail Row. By the time you get there everyone else will probably have left and or been killed, and you won’t have lost any armor or health.

7. Underground Chests at Haunted Hills

Out of all the new locations, Haunted Hills is one of the best 'bang for your buck' places to drop into. There’s guaranteed to be a handful of chests here and you’ll find only a few enemies dropping in with you, so your chances of finding something good before being mauled to death by a pickaxe are high. Land anywhere you want and start trying to get underground, as a majority of the chests are hidden underneath you but can also be accessed by broken holes in the rocks. Circle the buildings, smash some walls and stay on the outskirts, as this is where you’ll find most of the chests with the least amount of enemies seeing you. Oh, and if you’re the only one landing here then be prepared for a lot of gear - we’re positive there shouldn’t be this many chests in such a small location, seeing as 80% of the buildings are one level.

8. Dangerous Chest Route at Tilted Towers

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward, and this one is for you ballsy players out there that like to dive head first into the action! Here’s a little route that I found which can get you up to five chests in under a minute… but it’s pretty tough. Glide into Tilted Towers and land directly on the clock tower - without doubt there will be one or two opponents dropping in with you, so your best bet is to start smacking them with your pickaxe or try to steal the contents of the two chests up top. If you survive (which is unlikely to be honest) then smash your way down the tower, where you may find a weapon or even another chest on your way.

Once down, head behind the tower and into the pawn shop. Once inside you’ll see a shelf on the right with two boxes covering the corner, which you can smash to find a secret underground section with one or two chests. Loot them then head out towards the stairs on the left, as if you were heading back to the tower. Now, if you’re still alive then pat yourself on the back, as here’s where you’ll probably die.

You should see a park outside the tower, with orange tiles around the greenery. If you were looking at it coming out of the tower, you need to head over to the right corner of the orange tiles and smash the ground one section above it. Underneath here is a secret pipeline, that also sometimes holds a chest and a weapon. Regenerate your health then get out of there and fight. You don’t even need to build your way out, as you can simply hop onto the pipe and jump out. This is one of the quickest ways to get five chests, but it’s also one of the most ludicrous.

9. More Easy Chests North of Wailing Woods

The north east is a very reliable section of the map, in terms of getting loot and surviving for longer than two minutes. Here is a small route which gets you up to four chests - admittedly it’s a little out in the open, but nonetheless an unpopular route for many. Glide north of Wailing Woods and you’ll see two houses towards the west, and just to the right of here is usually an ice cream van with a chest next to it. From the ice cream van head south towards the hill, where you’ll see a scarecrow and a teddy bear sitting around a chest. Steal it from them, then head up the big hill just to the south. Slide down the other end and head towards the large tree with a broken tree trunk next to it, and you’ll find two chests just sitting by its side. Be sure to keep an eye on the adjacent houses as they can be popular, but if nobody is around then head on in and loot them for an extra chest!

10. Weird Wooden Building at the most North Eastern Point of the Map

I have no idea why this building is here or what story it’s meant to tell. Putting aside it’s ugly architecture, it’s a good place to drop in as it sometimes holds two chests and very little enemies, and by 'very little' I actually mean 'nobody'... Nobody ever drops here, and I can’t blame them - it’s between Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge, which are never really filled with many chests. But hey, if you’re looking for a round that is very much staying on the outskirts then this is a good place to loot, just bear in mind that there’s wooden doors that can sometimes be mistaken for walls!

11. River Cave at Fatal Fields

Last but not least is a cheeky little chest due north of Fatal Fields, just before the horse barn. There’s a little river that kind of goes nowhere but on both the entrance and exit of this stream is sometimes a chest, so glide in to where you can see both caves and usually one of them will have a chest for you to open. Then if you’re feeling risky, head round towards the back of the barn and destroy the two… the two… OK I have no clue what they are, but destroy both of them and in each one will be either a weapon or a chest. Just be cautious of the noise you're going to make!

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