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Forget Robert’s Rebellion, this modern take on Game of Thrones is the spin-off we *really* want to see

Modernising classic content is all the rage: from Sherlock to *shudder* The Day The Earth Stood Still but someone has struck the jackpot with a modern take on Game of Thrones. Yes, they’ve made a trailer and yes, it is absolutely amazing. It’s the TV show you never realised you needed in your life.

Handily titled ‘Westeros’, the spin-off comes with all the Thrones trimmings we know and love: Lannisters, winter and, uhh, supermodel White Walkers. Ok, maybe that last one is a little weird.

Elsewhere, we’ve got some great nods to the show – the Titan of Braavos next to some wind turbines makes for a striking setting – and, inevitably, modern-day twists on familiar Thrones tropes. Targaryen Square is hilariously out-of-place in a New York-esque setting, as is the Iron Throne being in some sort of museum exhibit but, bloody hell, it works.

To top it all off, there’s a flurry of quick cuts and excitement that puts the pace of Game of Thrones season 7 to shame: sex, drugs, SWAT teams, cityscapes and -- ahhhh I’m getting worked up just thinking about it!

Watch the trailer above but, in my opinion, the highlight of the (fantastic) trailer has got to be the tagline: “The more things change, the more they stay the same”, indeed. I like it; very Littlefinger-y.

If you want more Game of Thrones content – not quite as modern I’m afraid – then check out the overall Game of Thrones season 7 review, and 13 questions we have after watching Game of Thrones season 7. And there’s not a tank or a traffic jam in sight. Phew.

Image: HBO

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