For Honor players say they aren't being heard, so they're planning a day-long boycott on April 3

The community of players on Reddit's popular For Honor section are organizing to show their displeasure about the current state of the game. If you share their sentiments about poor communication from the developers, or are just really pissed off about how overpowered Peacekeepers are, you can join their protest by refusing to play for a day.

The blackout, proposed by user jbaayoun and now sitting pretty at the top of the subreddit, is set to begin Monday, April 3 at 5 am EDT / 10 am BST. I haven't played For Honor since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild came out, but I have checked in on the forum in the weeks since then and the overall mood has been more negative every time. Frustrations with class balance (the aforementioned Peacekeeper problem), poor matchmaking, frequent disconnects, server downtime, and the microtransaction system have all been exacerbated by a dearth of direct communication from Ubisoft.

Update: Speaking of communication, an Ubisoft spokesperson sent this statement over in response to the proposed blackout.

"Our team is aware of the concerns raised on Reddit and will be addressing the points that our community has brought up. We issued a title update this morning that has increased the Steel income for players as well as brought back one of the two Vikings maps [link]. The team will also be hosting a Twitch stream on Friday at 1:00 pm EST that will address other questions about Hero balancing, bug fixes and more. The stream will be live at".

Original story continues: When it was working properly, For Honor was the most fun I ever had with melee combat in a video game. That only makes these issues all the more saddening/maddening. The proposed blackout sounds like a constructive way for players to express their dissatisfaction and ask Ubisoft to meet them halfway, instead of spiraling ever deeper into resentment or outright quitting.

Whether Ubisoft is paying attention to the community or not (and I have a feeling it is, it just isn't saying much for whatever reason), it will be tough to ignore player counts suddenly cratering.

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