For Honor's 12 man roster revealed: Shugoki vs Warlord looks like one to watch

It's been a fittingly gargantuan day on the For Honor news front. First there was the announcement that Ubi's murdery brawler is getting a closed beta from September 15-18, and now we know the line-up of its roster. Only two members of which share names with early-'90s WWF wrestlers.

That pair are Berserker and Warlord, and together with Raider (yeah!) and Valkyrie (meh!) they make up the Vikings class. The Knights class comprises of Warden, Peacekeeper, Conquerer, and Lawbringer, while the Samurai class contains Shugoki, Nobushi, Kensei, and Orochi.

In addition to being separated by class, each fighter has one of four skillsets. Vanguards are well-balanced all-rounders; assassins swift and lethal; heavies slow but powerful; and hybrids "advanced characters fostering uncommon tactics", apparently. 

For Honor is released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 14, 2017.

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