For Honor coming out (at last!) on Valentine's Day

For Honor has been a long time in the making, but the journey will finally conclude next Valentine’s Day: the game has a release set for Feb. 14, 2017. For Honor’s new E3 trailer shared the history of the thousand-year war among three factions: vikings, ninjas, and knights. The lore shows that the combat initially began after a massive, world-destroying natural disaster.

Jason Vandenberghe, the wonderfully charismatic creative director on For Honor, introduced a gameplay demo during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation. He explained the campaign side of the title, which will let you join one of the three factions. Each one has its own different flavor and motivations for why they have stayed locked in combat across the centuries.

The gameplay demonstration showed a snippet of the Viking story, following as the group invades the ninja territory on an appropriately dark and stormy night. The mission involves storming the gates of the city, showing the melee combat and blocking systems in action on the approach. Once you scale the walls, the demo showcased cool environmental kills like throwing your opponent into spikes or just tossing him off the wall. Watch the full demo below.

Nothing new from the team on the multiplayer side, but at least there's less than a year to go before we finally get our hands on the game and experience the whole package. 

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Anna Washenko
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