Watch the first Whiplash Trailer online

Drum roll please… Whiplash , the Sundance wowing, Grand Jury prize winning, buzz gathering indie has released its first trailer.

The debut of director Damien Chazelle (who also won the jury prize at Sundance last year for the short film that grew into this feature), Whiplash is the story of a teenage jazz drummer and his brilliant/bullish/bonkers teacher.

Miles Teller ( Divergent , That Awkward Moment , soon to be Mr Fantastic…) plays musical prodigy Andrew Neyman to J.K. Simmons’ ruthless Mr Fletcher – an orchestra leader who seems to take teaching inspiration from Full Metal Jacket .

When Total Film caught the film’s debut at Park City in January, we called it “surprising, intoxicating and euphoric” - a triumph which will “either make you want to listen to Charlie Parker records or screw over your friends and family and die drunk and alone in your '40s just to know you were the absolute best.”

Set for release in the States in October, expect Whiplash to make a sizeable bang over here before the end of the year.