First trailer lands for Adam Sandlers comedy western The Ridiculous 6

The first trailer has appeared online for Adam Sandler’s new Netflix original film, The Ridiculous 6, which sees Sandler playing a legendary outlaw who teams up with his five estranged brothers to rescue their long lost father. Needless to say, hilarity ensues...

Said brothers are played by the all-star lineup of Taylor Lautner, Luke Wilson, Rob Schneider, Jorge Garcia and Terry Crews, while the supporting cast is positively groaning with star names. Watch out for Danny Trejo, Harvey Keitel, Nick Nolte, Steve Buscemi and many more, with the trailer making the absolute most of its glut of celebrity cameos.

Watch the trailer below...

Vanilla Ice as Mark Twain, anyone? For that reason alone, this one has surely got to be worth checking out. Directed by Frank Coraci, The Ridiculous 6 will debut on Netflix on December 11 2015.

George Wales

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