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First Surrogates trailer online

The first trailer for the new futuristic Bruce Willis action thriller, Surrogates, has gone online and you can watch it below.

Brucie stars as Agent Greer, a cop in a world where there is almost no crime thanks to everyone using human-looking robotic “surrogates” to navigate the world.

While their operators are safely at home using sophisticated chairs that look like fancy gaming rigs, the techno-people go about their lives, doing anything they want (including sex ‘n’ violence, which people always seem to do when they have this sort of opportunity).

But then people start dying for real when their doppelgangers are slaughtered by a mysterious individual, and Greer must leave the safe confines of his home to investigate.

Could be fun, though we’re not sure about Willis’ coiff.

Take a look at the trailer below and give us your thoughts…